Welcome to the Annapolis Group

Representing over 130 leading national liberal arts colleges across the United States, the Annapolis Group promotes the value of a liberal arts education while providing a forum for member institutions to collaborate, shape the dialog on higher education at a national level, and develop new ways – both individually and collectively – to serve the public good.

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Williams College

The Liberal Arts Experience

Higher education is ubiquitous in American life – it has a rich and distinguished history practiced by hundreds of intellectually and educationally dynamic institutions across the nation.

But what makes the liberal arts experience unique from a larger university or state school? The answer is simple: liberal arts colleges develop intimate learning environments where extensive interaction between faculty, students, and staff fosters a community of serious discourse.

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The Liberal Arts Advantage

Exciting students about complex ideas. Fostering clarity of thought and expression. Deepening appreciation for academic rigor, freedom, the arts and culture, intellectual curiosity, and the importance of personal values. Graduating individuals who value lifelong learning, broad knowledge and intellectual depth.

These attributes distinguish the 130 institutions in the Annapolis Group. We are dedicated to the liberal arts and a strong residential educational experience. We are dedicated to the future of our students, one individual at a time.

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Preparing for a Lifetime of Success

A comparative alumni survey, conducted by the independent research firm of Hardwick Day and commissioned by the Annapolis Group, finds the undergraduate experience students encounter at small, residential liberal arts colleges is more effective in producing meaningful and lasting benefits than the education experienced at private research universities, leading public universities, and other institutions of higher education.

The study, titled "What Matters in College After College," indicates a residential, liberal arts education not only leads to a number of immediate positive outcomes, but that these outcomes are present in and important to liberal arts college alumni long after their college experience has ended.

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