Welcome to the Annapolis Group

Representing over 130 leading national liberal arts colleges across the United States, the Annapolis Group promotes the value of a liberal arts education while providing a forum for member institutions to collaborate, shape the dialog on higher education at a national level, and develop new ways – both individually and collectively – to serve the public good.

Who We Are

Annapolis Group member colleges don’t just believe a liberal arts education offers students the most valuable preparation for a lifetime of meaningful and productive work in an ever-changing world – they’ve got the data to back it up. Civic responsibility, personal growth, and happiness define the overarching purpose of a liberal arts education, and Annapolis Group institutions foster their role in developing a student’s intellectual and personal capacities to think clearly, communicate effectively, and embrace an obligation to perform as ethical, moral, and informed citizens of the world.

While each college within the Annapolis Group has its own unique insights, approaches, and academic credentials, it’s our belief these diverse and yet closely knit residential collegiate communities create a universal educational environment uniquely positioned to transform undergraduate education.

If you believe your institution shares these values and would like to add your core educational strengths to our growing voice, please contact Molly Seidel for more information.